NEW ALBUM coming soon

"Lead singer Daniel Huerta’s powerful vocals immediately make you think of the golden era of rock/metal."

- Sound Citizen

"Most likely to still look good after headbanging for ten minutes straight"

-Two Groupies



 Hailing from Oak Park, IL, The Dead Seeds were born from the powerful and emotive ideas of singer/songwriter Daniel Huerta.  Since their formation in 2014, the band has set out to capture the hearts and minds of their listeners, be it through playful performance, or hard-hitting realism. Along with drummer/producer Griffin Shaw, the “Indie-Metal” duo has released two EPs, and one stand-alone single. Backed by their growing fanbase, the band seeks to release their first full-length album in 2017. The new album will feature an entirely new creative process, thus, an entirely new sound. 


“This one’s gonna blow everything else out of the water.” 

- Griffin Shaw